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New drive concepts

The individual mass mobility of our time has been ensured by the combustion engine as the only drive source until now. However, its fossil-based fuel is much discussed by politicians and the industry. Alternative solutions are looked for. With mobility continuously growing in future the protection of the environment shall be guaranteed. In other words: In the long run traffic has to abandon conventional fossil fuels in order to achieve climate protection goals aimed at and to take the finiteness of fossil resources into account.


Electromobility plays an important role as a key technology. If you want to reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions and become independent of fossil raw materials you should focus on the increasing electrification of the powertrain or exclusively on electric drives. Efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles driven by fuels with low carbon contents will be the future.

The Argomotive GmbH stands for the realization and distribution of such energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and future-oriented drive technologies and mobility concepts. Our advantages are experience of many years, a big wealth of knowledge and a competent partner network. Due to this we offer our customers the following service modules:

  • Evaluation and optimization of conventional drive systems
  • Testing and evaluation of alternative drives
  • Development of alternative drive concepts for urban mobility
  • Development of exhaust aftertreatment concepts for hybridized drives
  • Evaluation of alternative fuels