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About us

The Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies [Argomotive GmbH Institut für effiziente und umweltverträgliche Antriebstechnologien] was established by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gennadi Zikoridse in 2010. The institute under private law emerged from the Dresden University of Applied Science [Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden] (HTW).


The company founder is the director of the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering [Forschungsinstitut Fahrzeugtechnik] (FiF) at the Dresden University of Applied Science and holder of the professorship of automotive engineering / drive technology in the degree course of automotive engineering.

On this basis, cooperation with strong synergy effects could be developed. Research and teaching of the university institute FiF and the industry-related research and development services of the Argomotive GmbH work hand in hand. The advantage: a unique performance profile of both partners.

In cooperation with the HTW Dresden the existing test benches and laboratories are used for this purpose or new testing facilities are designed and built.

This enables the teaching of students with a practical orientation by attractive offers for internships, diploma, master and doctoral theses. Furthermore, there is a wide scope of opportunities for student assistants at the Argomotive GmbH and the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering in the field of research and development relating to automotive engineering.

The Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies offers its customers a comprehensive support in problem solutions in the following fields: combustion engines, computer-aided computation and simulation as well as investigations of alternative drive concepts.

The institute treats publicly funded research subjects as well as orders of the industry. The focus is on projects for the optimization of the combustion engine. We want to reduce its pollutant emissions and increase its efficiency at the same time. We stand for energy-efficient, environmentally compatible and future-oriented drive technologies and mobility concepts. In this sense we benefit from a big wealth of experience and knowledge, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, we may rely on the support of a competent partner network. Argomotive GmbH pursues the following strategic objectives:

-          Evaluation and optimization of conventional drive systems
-          Development of alternative drive concepts
-          Increase of environmental relevance by an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly drive technology