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Service information

Our focus areas

The optimization of the combustion engine is one of the core competences of the Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies. The pollutant emission must be reduced while the efficiency is increased at the same time. In-cylinder as well as post-engine measures are tested for this purpose. Additional current investigations are related to the subjects of: combustion research, exhaust aftertreatment, alternative drive concepts as well as simulation and computation. There are the following service modules:

  • Combustion process development
  • Application of in-cylinder measures for emission reduction
  • Development of control and regeneration strategies for exhaust aftertreatment systems (particulate filters, DeNOx-catalysts)
  • Development of DPF and DeNOx concepts
  • Testing of sensors for OBD and control function
  • Testing methods for exhaust aftertreatment
  • Evaluation and testing of alternative drives
  • Evaluation of alternative fuels
  • Thermal management

Our services

Profound knowledge and many years of practical experience of our employees guarantee a competent advice at any time.

The intensive cooperation with the HTW Dresden enables an unbureaucratic use of the resources available there. Accordingly, our field of activity is diversified. Interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and joint work is possible without problems.

The Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies offers its customers comprehensive support in problem solutions around the combustion engine. The range is widespread. We are acquainted with complex research and development tasks as well as with technical detail solutions. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Carrying out of engine endurance runs with accompanying measuring tasks
  • Construction and design of exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Evaluation of catalysts, particulate filter systems and additives
  • Certification of exhaust aftertreatment systems according to FAD test procedures
  • Carrying out of fuel and particulate analyses
  • Optimization of engine components
  • Carrying out of FEM and CFD calculations
  • Development of measuring and diagnostic procedures for vehicle applications
  • Prototype construction


Energy efficiency, environmental relevance and long-term functionality of drive components and systems – these are the issues we from Argomotive GmbH put emphasis on towards our customers. Comprehensive product solutions are our trademarks, may it be in the field of complex research and development tasks or may it be technical detailed solutions. The services of the Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies together with the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering of HTW Dresden (FiF) range from conception through simulation to prototype building, testing and evaluation of test specimen.