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Argomotive GmbH

Individual and collective mobility is essential for our civilization. Innovative drive technologies have to meet a number of new challenges in the 21st century. Besides the wish to come from A to B as quickly and safely as possible the maximization of efficiency, best possible environmental compatibility as well as the economic efficiency in production shall come first in the development of new drive concepts. For this we offer our partners the latest knowhow from the research and experts community. By competent engineering services we build bridges between economy and science, enable a shorter innovation cycle and contribute to the success of innovative products of our customers.

The company

The Argomotive GmbH Institute for Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Drive Technologies
[Argomotive GmbH Institut für effiziente und umweltverträgliche Antriebs- technologien] was established by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gennadi Zikoridse in 2010. The institute under private law emerged from the Dresden University of Applied Science [Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden] (HTW). The company founder is the director of the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering [Forschungsinstitut Fahrzeugtechnik] (FiF) at the Dresden University of Applied Science and holder of the professorship of automotive engineering / drive technology in the degree course of automotive engineering.

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Our performances

The Argomotive GmbH is an independent service company.


As a transfer company it renders practice-oriented engineering services and designs industrially applicable product solutions.The qualifications of the company include the realization and distribution of energy-efficient, environmentally compatible and sustainable drive technologies and mobility concepts.

The institute is a competent partner with regard to promising combustion engines, alternative fuels, electric drives, hybrid technologies and exhaust aftertreatment technologies.

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